Southern Sayings

Here are some good old down-home southern slang that I’ve heard and used all of my life.  I will be adding new ones every couple of days or so, so check back often.

Now, I can’t guarantee the spelling of some of these things and I’ll try to explain the meaning of them as best I can.  None of these sayings have any personal reference to anyone or anything; they are what they are.


  • Ain’t seen hide nor hair of em
  • As cold as a well-digger’s ass
  • Madder than old wet hen
  • Deaf as a door nail
  • I’ll jerk a knot in your tail
  • Rode hard and put up wet
  • I’d give my eye-teeth for that
  • Six one way, half a dozen the other
  • Fine as frog hair
  • I’ll be back drekly (I’ll be back shortly)
  • I swanee (instead of I swear)
  • You gonna have to relick that calf (Redo the job)
  • Go to bed with the chickens
  • In a coon’s age
  • Poor as Job’s turkey
  • Useless as tits on a boar hog
  • Lord willing and the creek don’t rise
  • Meaner than a snake
  • Mean as a gar
  • Comb my wool (Come one’s hair)
  • Are your arms/legs broke?
  • Hang in like a hair in a biskit
  • Hair hide ‘n all
  • She could bite a punkin’ thru a picket fence
  • Nuttier than a fruit cake
  • Highfalutin
  • Higher than a cat’s back
  • Slower than molasses
  • Didn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of
  • Ain’t hit a lick at a snake (lazy)
  • Handier than a pocket on a shirt
  • Drunker than Cooter Brown