Visiting My Little Sister

Well folks, I just don’t know where to begin on today’s tale because I visited my little sister last week and we just did so many fun things that I don’t know where to start.

I got down there on Wednesday afternoon and let me tell you that driving through Atlanta is not a picnic, but I made it okay.  We drove around Ringgold and I saw the devastation of the tornado that hit there about a year ago.  Most of the businesses are up and running but you can still see slabs and huge gaps where trees used to be standing.

Thursday afternoon, Cheryl and I drove to Cherokee, North Carolina.  It rained on us the biggest part of the way but it was still a pleasant drive.  I love the mountains so just going was a treat for me. It took us about three hours to get there. We passed a river where folks were rafting with the current; they had group-sized rafts and single rafts.

We finally got to Cherokee and went straight to the casino hotel to check in and I tell ya, it was absolutely beautiful. First, they showed me around the place and you wouldn’t believe how big that thing is.  There is a huge fountain just as you walk into the casino.  They also had this lighting fixture that looked like fishing line all tangled up (it was gorgeous), a beautiful fireplace and all kinds of restaurants.

We then went into the casino and I never saw so many slot machines in my life and they were singing because lots of people were already there.  So, Cheryl played a couple of them and then decided it was my turn. I was using Cheryl’s card so we took turns playing. Would you believe the first time I played, I won about $107. We kept playing and kept winning. We played until about 2:30 am Friday morning, then decided it was time to get a little sleep.

The next morning, Cheryl and I drove into the town and shopped.  Just a note here that our great-great grandmother was full-blooded Cherokee Indian and we are very interested in tracing our roots as far back as we can.  So we talked to one vendor about it and he gave us a website to help us do just that.  The Cherokee are made up of seven clans so we are now trying to find the clan to which we belong.  After we finished shopping, we went back to the casino and played a little more but didn’t win anything.

On Saturday, we went to Chattanooga (one of my most favorite places) and visited the fresh water and salt water aquariums.  The salt water aquarium was nice but there weren’t many specimens to see; we saw the penguins, some butterflies, sharks and they also had some stingrays that you could touch.  Those little fellows liked that and they kept coming to the top of the water so someone would pet them.  The fresh water aquarium has every kind of species that you can imagine.  Later that evening, we went to Sugar’s for supper and that is the best barbecue you could ever taste.

On Sunday, Cheryl and I went back to Chattanooga to see the Delta Queen which is permanently docked there. Since most of the guests had checked out, we were allowed to walk through almost all of the boat. Some of the fixtures reminded me of the pictures I have seen of the Titanic.  We also found more evidence of the Cherokee clans while we were in Chattanooga. Hopefully, we will be able to find the clan we belong to and I can do a story on that.

But, I gotta say that visiting my little sister was the most fun of all.

See ya next Wednesday.