Vacation Bible School

Do you remember Vacation Bible School (VBS)?  I remember that was something I looked forward to every summer.

We attended Sharpe Church of Christ; and every summer we went to VBS along with a lot of the neighborhood kids.  Each morning, we all would gather in the auditorium where the preacher would welcome everyone and we would sing some songs before going to our classrooms.

There were classes for all ages.  When we reached our classrooms, we would find them all decorated and workbooks on the tables.  We would study, then have a break out under the trees where the ladies of the church served cookies and kool-aid.  After the break, we would go back to class for a little while and return to the auditorium for more songs before being dismissed.

When class was over on the last day, the preacher would present awards and certificates for perfect attendance and we would sing more songs before being dismissed.  After being dismissed, we would go outside where the ladies had prepared a huge picnic for us.  We had fried chicken, all kinds of sandwiches, side dishes, chips, soft drinks and desserts of every kind.  Now all of this food was homemade so you can just imagine how good it tasted. You know, there’s nothing better than cold fried chicken.  Anyway, everyone went home a little smarter and a whole lot full.

See ya next week.

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