Trip to West Palm Beach, Florida

A couple of weeks ago I flew to West Palm Beach, Florida, to see my cousin, Robert, whom I haven’t seen in many, many years.  Robert’s mother, Edna, was my mother’s sister, and it seems they always lived in Missouri, and the only time I saw them was when they came Kentucky or we went to Missouri. Not only had I not seen Robert in a long time; I had never been to Florida. So, my trip was doubly exciting.

Robert and Oscar met me at the airport on Friday afternoon and the adventure began. They first took me to Cheesecake Factory for a delicious meal and dessert, of course.  They even talked me into trying new drink; it is called the Arnold Palmer.  It consists of half tea and half lemonade – wonderful drink.  You gotta try this first chance you get.

We then went to their house; and I have to tell ya, this house was absolutely gorgeous.  It sits on a golf course and the back of the house has lots of windows so you can just sit back and enjoy the scenery.  I took some old family pictures with me and we started looking through them and relating some of our past memories. Oscar and Deb, one of their co-workers who was staying the weekend, probably thought we were nuts because we would start a sentence with “oh, do you remember” then we would talk about what each of us remembered.  About 9 pm, we decided it was time to eat again so we went to a pizza parlor and had some pizza and another Arnold Palmer.  I tell ya, I ate more in those three short days than I eat in a week.

On Saturday, Robert took me to Palm Beach where we saw huge houses nestled among palm trees along the coast.  One interesting thing was the houses across the street from the ocean had tunnels that went underneath the street to the beach.  I also saw some yachts that were huge, and I mean huge.  Since it was windy, the ocean waves were fairly good sized and we saw some folks parasailing. We also went to the Jupiter Inlet Light. It is located between Cape Canaveral Light and Hillsboro Inlet Light. When we returned from our little excursion, we all had a snack before going to dinner. In the meantime, Robert and I started going through the family pictures he had, and we found that both of us had a lot of the same pictures.

On Saturday night, Robert, Oscar, Deb and I went to Three Forks Restaurant and had a wonderful meal.  The food was excellent; however, the entertainer played the piano and sang so loudly that we almost had to yell at each other to talk. We went to a yogurt shop and had frozen yogurt for dessert (like I needed anything else).

On Sunday, we went to the Wycliffe Country Club for brunch where we were met by several members of Oscar’s family. And, what a wonderful family they are.  From the moment I met them, I was made to feel that I was a part of the family.  Robert and I related some of our hillbilly heritage to them and it was hard for them to really believe just how far back in the sticks we grew up.  We had so much fun; I think we were entertaining the entire dining room.

It was hard to decide what to eat since the buffet was huge and everything imaginable was on it.  But I forced myself to fill a plate full of food and then stuffed myself.  I had such a great time; but unfortunately, I had a flight scheduled for home and had to leave my new-found family way too soon.

I really enjoyed my trip to Florida and getting to see Robert after so many years.  I hope to return to Florida soon and maybe I can talk my little sister into going on the next trip.

See ya next Wednesday.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!