Good morning.

Were you, or are you afraid of thunderstorms?  I have been told that my mom’s dad, Pawdie, was terrified of thunderstorms.  His fear of storms was carried on down into at least two of his daughters, my mom and her sister Rose.  Naturally, this fear should have been embedded in some of us kids, but somehow, we never seemed to be afraid like they were.

When we finally moved to the new house, any time a thunderstorm came up, Mom made us go to the basement.  You probably remember that I told you about the time it was storming and she told Cheryl to listen and tell her if she heard anything that didn’t sound like the wind.  Cheryl called her away from her cleaning to say she heard something other than wind — it was rain.  She nearly got a whipping over that one, but it was totally funny.

Now, when I was about five years old, I didn’t think I was afraid of storms either.  But, one day my little sister and I were playing in the living room and it was storming like crazy outside.  We were very fascinated with the lightning so Mom said we could sit in the door and watch.  What fun that was …. until, there came the biggest flash of lightning that you ever saw and the thunder actually shook the door.  I mean, that lightning lit up the entire sky and the streaks were huge.  Well, I let out a scream that you could have heard in Texas; and in turn, that scared my little sister and she began to cry.

My mom came running into the living room to see what we were crying about and I’m here to tell you she wasn’t happy with the reason.  She finally got Cheryl settled back down and then turned her anger on to me.  She didn’t whip me, but she threatened to if I ever did that again.  As a matter of fact, she told me that I couldn’t watch the lightning anymore, at least not if my little sister was gonna be there.

Then another time was when I was about 6 or 7 years old and a little friend came to stay the night.  We had a great time playing after school and Mom cooked a really good supper.  It came up a little thunderstorm that night and the lightning got just about as bad as it did when I scared my sister.  My friend and I were playing in the bedroom and for some reason, the thunder was extra loud and of course everything shook.  I got scared and started crying.  Well, that upset my little friend and she started crying too.  My mom ended up calling her parents to come get her because she refused to stay at my house.

Those were the only two times that I can remember being afraid of storms; but I wasn’t afraid of what the storms could do; just the lightning and thunder.

Call me crazy, but just once in my life, I would love to join some storm chasers and chase a tornado.

See ya next Wednesday.