Thriller at Mawdie’s

I think I have mentioned this before, but today I’m gonna tell you a little tale about when Cheryl and I took turns staying with Mawdie at night.  We did this year round unless Mawdie had company from out of town.

If you remember, Mawdie’s little house had four rooms which consisted of two bedrooms, living room and kitchen – no inside bathroom.  She had the coziest little house though; I always loved being there.  She had a big ole feather bed in her bedroom but we weren’t allowed to get on it.

One of my nights was Monday night and we had television shows that we watched every Monday night.  We didn’t miss very many of them either.  One television show in particular was Thriller with Boris Karloff.  It, of course, was shown in black and white and was a suspense and horror show.  I actually don’t remember many of the episodes; I just know that it was one of Mawdie’s and my favorite shows. I didn’t usually go over to her house before dark; but before I walked over there, I had to eat supper and get all my homework done.  That was one the rules at our house – we ate supper together and home work had to be finished before we could do anything else. But I digress.

Mawdie always kept a big supply of vanilla wafers and milk; and it didn’t matter if I had just gotten up from the supper table, I still looked forward to watching our show and having my favorite snack.  When I walked inside, she would have a big glass of milk and a bag of vanilla wafers waiting for me.  We turned out all of the lights before the show started; it just made the show more scary that the television was the only light in the room.  It made all the shadows around the room bigger and more scary too.

I would drink part of my milk but I loved to dip my vanilla wafers into the milk and make them soggy.  I tell ya, that was good eatin’.  I remember before that show was over, I would be scrunched down into the chair so far that it was hard to get back up. I was so sure that whatever monster was on the show that night would come straight through the television set and get me.  I was always scared to death by the time the show was over, but I couldn’t wait until the next Monday so we could do it all over again.

One other thing about Mawdie – she used to cook some of the best food you could ever eat.  Sometimes she would cook something that I wasn’t crazy about but she would talk me into taking at least one bite.  One time she stewed some okra – now I’m here to tell you that stuff is slimy and nasty looking.  But she talked me into trying it, and I swear that when I got that mess in my mouth, my throat closed completely and I could even swallow it.  We had a good laugh about it, but she never asked me to eat it again.

I still think about and miss Mawdie.  She was really a cool lady.

See ya next Wednesday.