The Shocking Lamp

Good morning.  Today I’m gonna tell you about a lamp that used to shock the crap out of my sister and me.

When Mom and Dad built the house on the Bottom Road, we did take a few things from the old house but they mostly bought all new furniture.  One of the things that we took with us was a really nice lamp and Cheryl and I decided we wanted that lamp in our bedroom.  You may remember from an earlier post that we had to share Cheryl’s room so anything in there belonged to both of us.

We started out with one big bed but later Mom bought us twin beds which stopped a lot of the fights we had after the lights went out.  You may also remember how I would touch my little sister with my toe once we got into bed and she would yell at me, which got us both threatened.  Yep, I did it, but she was so easily aggravated.  And, that’s just what big sisters do to little sisters.

Anyway, we put this lamp on the chest of drawers.  I’m not sure how we discovered that the lamp had a piece of metal on the shade; and if you touched it, you would get a little shock.  We didn’t tell Mom about this because we knew she would take the lamp away and we had begun to have a lot of fun touching that thing and getting a little tingle from it.  I believe we even conned our cousin Greg into touching it and of course, he screamed like a girl.  So, we didn’t let him join in the fun any more.

We finally got to where we would stand there and see just how many times we could get shocked.  It was probably a very stupid thing to do but kids are not the smartest creatures; and if something is fun, you want to keep on doing it.

Well, finally one day while we were at school, our mom was in the room cleaning; and when she went to dust that lamp, it shocked her too.  She didn’t think it was too funny but I would have given my eye teeth to see her get shocked.  I would have most likely gotten a whipping for laughing at her; but alas, I missed it.  When we got home from school, we discovered that our favorite lamp was missing.  We asked Mom about it and she said she had thrown it in the dump because we could get hurt if we got shocked.  And, yep, you guessed it, we acted so surprised that the lamp could do that.

My little sister and I used to have a lot of fun together even though we didn’t always get along.  But, I think that is why we are so close now.

See ya next Wednesday.