Taking the Beds Apart for Spring Cleaning

Good morning.

I think I’ve mentioned spring cleaning in one of my earlier posts but today I’m gonna go into more detail of just what we did when we helped do spring cleaning.

When my mom and dad built the new house, it was a treasure for them.  They both worked so hard to be able to build the house of their dreams and neither of them wanted anything to happen to that house.

So, spring cleaning would last a couple of days with Mom, Mawdie, Cheryl and me doing everything, and I mean everything.  First, we were gotten up bright and early and rushed through our cereal; we couldn’t waste a minute.  The next thing we did was strip the sheets from all the beds and then take the beds apart.  Each piece was taken outside to air out.  Next came the mattresses.  Taking the mattresses out wasn’t too bad although they were quite heavy for Cheryl and me.  We could actually drag them across the floor.

Once we got the mattresses outside, we had to go back and get the box springs.  Did you ever have to lift box springs?  Well, I’m here to tell you they weight a gazillion pounds.  It would take all four of us to get them outside and they had to be lifted and carried.  We also knew that if we even thought about dropping those springs on Mom’s hardwood floors, we were dead.  And we didn’t just get them outside the door and let go – no, we had find a tree and prop the springs against it.

Imagine having to take out three sets of box springs – not fun.  Cheryl and I were worn out by the time we got that done, but we were far from finished.  So after we got them against a tree, Cheryl and I had to take a broom apiece and start sweeping all the lint and dust from the springs.  And I might add here that my mom was a clean freak so there was very little dust or lint.

After we finished sweeping the springs, we went back inside to help move the furniture out of each room.  Then came a fun part – we had to get on our hands and knees and spread wax on the hardwood floors.  After the wax dried, we got to use the buffer and that was actually fun to do.  But, we had to be careful not to hit the walls or scuff the baseboards.  When we finished buffing the floors, they looked so pretty.

By late afternoon, we could start bringing the beds back inside.  I tell ya, we were dog tired after working all day and then had to drag those puppies back inside.  We really had to be careful bringing the springs in after the floors were done.  And you have to remember, freshly waxed floors are slicker than snot.  And, that was just the first day.

The second day, we had to dust every single knick-knack (and Mom had a bunch of those too) and put them back on the tables in just the right order.  We didn’t have to work as hard the second day and usually we were done by noon and we could go outside and play the rest of the day.

Yeah, we worked really hard but you know, when it was all said and done, we were very proud of our new house too.

See ya next Wednesday.