Starting High School

I don’t know about you, but I was excited and a little scared about going to high school.  I mean, I had spent eight years at the same school with all the same friends and teachers.  Now, having to go to a new school with all new surroundings was a little daunting.  And, having a couple of high school girls tell you some terrible things you would have to do did not help at all.  Do you know what they told us?  We were required to take PE at least two years, which I loved; but these girls told us that on the first day, we would have to walk to the half line in the gym with our tops off and walk the second half with our bottoms off.  They also said that people would be in the gym and would see us.  But, of course, we believed them and went into a tee-total panic.  I guess that’s why freshmen are called “green.”

In grade school, everything was there for you and there really were not many responsibilities that were required of you with the exception of showing up everyday and doing your homework.  I have to add here that I have never been a math person; as a matter of fact, I’m dumber than a rock when it comes to math.  Reading problems really killed me; I just didn’t understand them.  One time my dad sat down with me to help me with some reading problems.  When he explained one to me, it made a lot of sense; however, he asked me to explain it back to him and my eyes glazed over.  It didn’t make sense any more and he wasn’t happy with me.  When I was in eighth grade, we had counselors to come from the high school to help us decide what classes we would be taking our freshman year.  Naturally, they put me in Algebra I for my freshman year.

So, in 1962 I started my freshman year at North Marshall High School.  My friends and I caught a bus at Sharpe Elementary School that took us to the high school.  In high school, you had to know where all your classes were located and also had to make sure you got to your classes on time.  And, my friends and I didn’t take the same classes so I was pretty much on my own.

It wasn’t so bad because I met all kinds of nice kids from other schools and finding my classes wasn’t hard at all.  My biggest problem was that when I went to the cafeteria for lunch, the line was so long that I decided that I wouldn’t have time to eat and make my next class.  So, I skipped lunch that first day and thought I was gonna starve to death before I got home.  My mom pretty much beat me up (not physically) for doing such a stupid thing as not eating and told me real quick that I had better not skip lunch anymore.  The next day I got with some friends and we waited in line just like everyone else and had plenty of time to eat and get to our next class and I never missed lunch again.

My freshman year was pretty ordinary.  You remember I told you last week that I had another big crush?  Well, I did get my next big crush my freshman year.  I’ll have to tell you about that one in another story.

Oh, and we did not have to walk across the gym with our clothes off.

See ya next Wednesday.