Springtime at our House

Now that it’s getting a little warmer and spring is in the air, I thought I would take you back to when we would do our spring cleaning in the house and yard.

Cheryl and I had to help Mom with spring cleaning the house and we took all of the mattresses and box springs outside to air and also so the hardwood floors could be waxed and buffed.  Now, back then, the springs in those beds weighed a gazillion pounds and we had to take them out of the house and bring them back in without touching those precious hardwood floors. We had to help mop, wax and buff the floors and it had to be done to perfection.  Everything on the beds and all curtains were washed and hung outside because we didn’t have a dryer.  And then, some of the curtains had to be ironed, which was always a fun job.  Even though Mom cleaned every week, my job was to dust every single trinket in the living room and I know for a fact that there were thousands of them.  Each one had to be taken off the furniture, the furniture dusted, then each trinket dusted and placed back on the furniture in the exact same order in which it started. Once we finished the inside of the house, we moved to the yard.

All of the rocks, leaves, dirt and the occasional chicken poop left over from winter had to be raked into a big pile and put into a washtub.  We burned what we could and then hauled the rest of it to the dump down the lane from the house.  I’m here to tell you that washtub was heavy; it took two, and sometimes three, people to carry it.  I mean, Mom and Mawdie didn’t fill it half full; it was running over with all that stuff. Usually, I helped Mawdie carry it and we had to make several stops between the yard and the dump before we got there. It would take a couple of days just to get the yard cleaned but it always looked so good when we finished.

We had some great times at that house.  In my grandmother’s backyard stood a Serviceberry Tree (we pronounced it sarvis).  The tree had little dark red berries that were really sweet and yummy. Cheryl, Greg and I climbed that tree every year to eat those sweet berries.  The birds got most of good ones at the top of the tree.  We also had a couple of mulberry trees and a persimmon tree, but persimmons could only be eaten when they were very ripe; otherwise, the taste was bitter.  And, I think there were a couple of pecan trees in the yard too.  My dad absolutely loved pecans and spent many afternoons sitting under a tree cracking pecans and eating them.

As soon as it was warm enough, Mom, Mawdie, Cheryl and I would sit on Mawdie’s front porch at night and listen to the whippoorwill who sat on top of her house singing.  Since we lived in the country, there were no street lights and the only light we had was the moonlight or the end of the cigarette that Mawdie smoked.  I tell ya, it was nice sitting in that old swing and just enjoying nature at its best.  I would love to go back for just one day and relive some of those great memories.

See ya next Wednesday.