Sports at Our House

Did you and/or your family play any kind of sports?  My mom’s favorite sport was cleaning the house and watching her soap operas; but my dad, little sister and I were into the more physical side of sports.

When I was small, my dad played on a minor league in Paducah, along with his brother and some of his best pals.  We spent lots of weekends at the field watching him play.

Dad also loved to bowl.  He was in a league that played every Thursday night. After supper, we would hop in the car and go to Gateway Lanes in Draffenville. Cheryl and I played pinball with our friends while he bowled. Back then it was still okay to smoke inside buildings and you would have to cut your way through all the smoke floating in the air. I remember one night my dad was having a great night and got to the point where he might get into the 240 Club.  This meant he had to bowl at least 240 to make it.  It was tense and he had to get a strike; his last throw was a strike that barely gave him his 240.  They added his name to the board and I believe he even got a little trophy.  A very good night for the Thomassons.

When we were a little older, Dad started a junior bowling league for us kids at Gateway.  A couple of my friends from school, Cheryl and I were on a team and several of my friends from school also had their own teams.  You need to remember that scoring was not automatic back then and you had to know how to calculate the scoring.  And me being a math whiz (NOT), scoring was not usually an easy thing.  To top it all off, Dad had me doing all the standings for the team each week so I had to figure the scoring plus the handicaps for each player and team.  When it came down to the end of the season, we girls were bowling against a team of boys for the championship and they thought they were the best in the world.  Yep, we beat them.  One of the boys who was Cheryl’s age even cried.  That made the win so much better.  Can you tell we were a little competitive?

Speaking of bowling.  Once when Uncle Rip and the family were home from Massachusetts, Dad took Cheryl, Tommy, Johnny and me bowling. On the way home, we stopped at the Kentucky Maid and got fountain cokes which was a real treat for Cheryl and me.  As we were driving back home, Tommy rolled down his window and threw his glass of ice into a car that we were meeting.  It was summertime and I’m sure the other driver had his window down. Dad nearly had a cow; you just didn’t do something like that in Marshall County because everybody knew everybody else and it wouldn’t be long before someone would be knocking on your door asking why this happened.  Dad took off and I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever seen him drive.  It was kind of funny though and I bet my dad laughed too although he would have never let us see it.

As I said, we are competitors when it comes to sports and I have more sports stories for you that I will share at another time.

See ya next Wednesday.