Good morning.  I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that Santa brought you everything for which you asked.  I cooked Christmas breakfast for Joel and Amanda; and my little sister and my daughter called me so I was very blessed this Christmas.

sc03339d30Since some of my family and friends are expecting a big snow, and I wanted to talk about some of my sister’s and my favorite snows.  Of course, when we were in school, we prayed for snow but not when we were on Christmas vacation.  My mom and dad, on the other hand, didn’t want it to snow at all; especially my dad because he worked at TVA and that was a good hour drive from our house.

But, if Dad didn’t have to go to work, he enjoyed the snow as much as my sister and I did.  We would dress warmly; and I mean, we were layered to the hilt, so we wouldn’t get cold.  So, Dad would get his shovel and out to the front yard we would go.  He would shovel up some snow and we would build a big ole snowman.

Once we got the snowman built, he would pile up a bunch more snow and sc0333c08dhave Cheryl and me to get behind it on our knees.  That way, it looked like the snow was really deep; then he would take a picture of us.  My mom didn’t like the snow much, but she and Mawdie would get out every once in a while so we could take their picture.  There were always lots of pictures taken of us when we had snows.

And, my favorite thing about snow was making snow cream.  I love snow cream.  Did you ever make it?  Now, the rule was that you shouldn’t eat snow from the first snowfall because of the radiation contained in the snow.  Whether this was true or not, we did not eat the first snow.  So, one snowfall was never enough — we just had to have that second snowfall.  My Aunt Mary Clay made the best snow cream in the world.  It would never fail though that I would eat mine too fast and get the most awful headache.

Dad was never afraid to get out on the snow in the car — we missed very few church services because of snow.  Like I have told you in earlier posts, he would get the chains out and put them on the tires.  And, since the roads were gravel, those chains would grab ahold of the gravel and we would get where we were going just fine.

See ya next Wednesday.