Snow Sledding

We lived in St. Louis, Missouri, for a short time while Dad worked construction.

My best friend was Betty and she lived down the street from me.  We played together all the time and sometimes we would let my little sister join us.  St. Louis gets a lot of snow during the winter so all my buddies had sleds.  One day we decided to go to another friend’s house to sled in their back yard.  Now, their yard slanted toward a big deep ditch and there was a fence to keep one from falling down into the ditch. This yard was perfect for sledding.  Let me add here that I had never been on a sled in my life so this was a new experience for me. Everybody took turns riding the sled down the hill and then it became my turn.  I got on the sled and started down the hill and boy did I go fast.  I could see the fence coming up but didn’t know how to slow down or stop. The fence got closer and closer until I slammed right into it face-first and I can tell ya right now, that hurt like the devil. There I was hanging onto that fence trying to keep from falling into that big ole ditch.  My friends ran down and saved me from certain death and then laughed at me for not having enough sense to just jump off the sled.  Besides being wet from the snow, I was shivering from the cold so my friend’s mom made me some hot chocolate to help me feel better. When I got home, I told my mom how I nearly died; but she wasn’t impressed and I got a whipping for being late.  I got a lot of those during my childhood.  But, I loved sledding down that hill and tried it again many times.

People have said that I’m a lot like my dad and I’m gonna give you one little example of how we were very much alike.  One winter day when it had snowed, he and his older brothers decided they would have some fun in the snow.  I don’t know what kind of sled they used, but I’m sure they rigged up a good one.  In an earlier post, I said that my dad was the youngest and was open to the suggestions of his older brothers. So, when they suggested that he go down the hill first, he was quick to say he would do it just to show them he wasn’t afraid.  He jumped on the sled and went sailing down the hill toward the corncrib.  They did not, however, tell him that he would need to lie flat in order to go under the corncrib.  Yep, you guessed it, he ran smack into the crib and mashed his mouth.  Of course this set up a howl from my dad; and when they got him to the house, the whole lot of them got into trouble for that little omission.  Now you see the similarity; neither one of us knew anything about sledding in the snow.

See ya next Wednesday.