Sikeston Bootheel Rodeo

When my dad was preaching at Spring Creek Church of Christ, he and another guy at the church made plans for a couple of families and us to go to the Sikeston Bootheel Rodeo in Sikeston, Missouri.  This rodeo has been in existence for about 60 years and is held every August.

There were at least 10 of us going so we had to take more than one car and the trip would be about a 2-hour drive.  Now, as you know, the days are really hot in August and sometimes the nights cool down quite a bit. On this particular day, the temperatures dropped really low; we had to take coats.

I have to tell you about this one boy who was going.  You see, he was invited by his girlfriend (I’m not sure how much time he had been around her family) and I think he was a little afraid of her dad.  Her dad was a tough talker, but was one of the nicest men I’ve ever met.  His wife was so kind and good to everyone and the daughter was pretty much the same way.  So, since this was his little girl, he was gonna make sure this boy didn’t try anything foolish.  I think he knew the boy was afraid of him so he was going to make the most of that fear.

We all met at the church and loaded into the cars.  Our moms brought all kinds of snacks and sandwiches for us eat while we traveled. There just weren’t many places to stop back then so you took your own food and drinks with you.  Of course we knew they would have popcorn, hot dogs and soft drinks at the rodeo so we tried not to eat too much on the way.

I had never been to a real rodeo and I doubt many of them had either so everyone was really excited about seeing everything.  It was getting close to dark by the time we got there and had really cooled down.  Before the rodeo started, they had the grand entry of all the contestants, the invocation, and the national anthem.  There were dozens of clowns running around and acting goofy but we loved them.  We watched the barrel races, calf roping, steer wrestling and bull riding.

Between each event, the clowns would entertain everybody.  So, between one of the events, this boy offered to get hot coffee for the men to help them warm up.  They were all standing right behind the fence while we sat in the stands all scrunched together trying to keep warm.  Well, just about the time he handed the coffee to his girlfriend’s dad, one of the clowns shot off this canon and he poured that hot coffee all over him.  I’m sure his life passed right before his eyes but nothing happened to him. As a matter of fact, I think that was a signal that we should go home.  We all had a great time even though it was colder than crap.

And you know, those two eventually married.

See ya next Wednesday.