Playing in the Corncrib and Barn

When we moved to our new house on the Bottom Road, we actually moved back to the farm where my grandmother, Mawdie, was raised.  And, on that farm was a barn and corncrib.  After my Mawdie’s parents died, there were no more cattle so the barn and corncrib were pretty much empty.

My mom and her sister used the corncrib for storage.  I remember that after Greg was born, Rose put all of his baby clothes in the corncrib.  She also put a lot of the clothes she didn’t wear in there too.  Well, let me tell you that was a veritable treasure for my little sister and me.  There was also some pieces of furniture in there, and the biggest treasure of all was a genuine Tiffany lamp that belong to some of my grandmother’s people.  It was the prettiest thing I ever saw and I told Mawdie that I wanted that lamp when I got older.

Cheryl and I would take our dolls to the corncrib and dress them up in Greg’s baby clothes and then we would dress up in Rose’s old clothes.  We also made a playhouse with the furniture.  There’s no telling how many spiders and snakes were also living in that place but we never saw any so we just never thought about them.

Now, the barn was huge and had several stables where my great-grandfather housed his cattle, mules and horses. Dad kept hay in the hayloft for the garden and also for the few cows he had.  We made another playhouse in the hayloft and used the bales of hay for furniture.  We did see a bunch of little baby mice one time in the barn and they were the cutest things.  Just a quick note here; this picture was taken during the 1937 flood and that’s my great-grandfather standing by the corncrib.  Now, the 1937 flood is a story for another day.

I may have mentioned this before, but I’m gonna tell it again.  Dad built a dog pen beside the barn with a doghouse for two little hunting dogs.  When he bought his cows, he had to fence in an area around the barn so the cows wouldn’t wander off. Every afternoon, one of us girls had to feed the dogs with the leftovers from supper. One afternoon I took the food up there; and once I got to the dog pen, I started calling the pups so I could feed them.  While I was standing there talking to the dogs, I heard the most awful thundering noise and it was getting closer to me all the time.  I looked up and here came the cows and they were coming at a pretty good pace.  Oh Lord, they were run all over me and kill me.  My only escape was to climb the fence so they wouldn’t stomp me to death.  Now, just picture it — a kid hanging onto a fence for dear life and a bunch of cows just milling around waiting to be fed.  You see, when Dad fed them, he always called them so they thought I was gonna feed them too.

Well, I didn’t get that Tiffany lamp that I wanted so much.  Some lady sweet talked my grandmother into giving it to her.  I was really disappointed about that but I guess I didn’t need it anyway.

See ya next Wednesday.