Our Neighbors

Living in a rural area also meant that you had lots of wonderful neighbors and neighbors were always there when you needed them.  That is something I really miss today because everyone works all the time and people just don’t seem to need each other any more.

When we lived in the little block house in Sharpe, we had some great neighbors.  One lady, Mrs. Johnson, lived across the street and she rode to church with us on most Sundays.  My sister and I spent a lot of time at her house.  We would sit on her front porch swing and she would tell us stories about when she was a little girl.  She also grew the most beautiful red roses that I have ever seen; and on Mother’s Day, she would let my sister and me come over and pick a rose to wear on our dresses. She also gave us one for our mom’s dress.  Whenever I see pretty red roses, I think of her.

We had some other neighbors who lived up the road and they had several children, one that was my age.  Now, these people didn’t have much, as most of the families then, but they were a happy bunch.  We did have running water in our house but not them.  They had a well on their back porch where they drew water; and if you wanted a drink of water while you were there, they would drop the bucket into the well and draw it back out full of ice cold water. And let me tell you, that was good water.  You then had to hold the dipper by its long handle and sip the water without touching the dipper itself with your dirty hands.  So, one day while I was up there playing, I got thirsty and asked for some water. They drew out a bucket of cold water and handed me the dipper.  The only problem was that when I took it, I touched the dipper with my hands. The little girl who was my age couldn’t talk plain and when I touched the forbidden dipper, she went bonkers and yelled, “Daddy, Daddy, Karen cuched the gipper!”  Oh crap, I thought I was in big trouble, but they just let it pass. But I can tell you right now, I never touched that dipper again when I got a drink of water.

I hope this brought back memories of some of your favorite neighbors when you were growing up.  Don’t you kind of miss them?

See ya next Wednesday.