Our Crazy Bus Driver

Good Morning.

Today, I want to tell you about a lady (I will call her Maggie) who drove the school bus when I went to high school.  Now, I would catch the little bus at my house; but once it got to Sharpe Elementary School, I had to catch another bus to get to North Marshall High School.

My friends and I usually rode the bus that Maggie drove and she kidded with us all the way to and from the high school.  Maggie was good friends with my Aunt Rose and I have told you before how much fun she was to be around.  As far back as I can remember, Maggie was the biggest cut-up you could ever meet.  All her jokes and tricks were harmless though; she wouldn’t have hurt a flea and she was as good as gold.

Nevertheless, she made a point of picking on me.  Sometimes after church on Sunday, my family and I would go out to lunch and we very often ran into her at the restaurant.  She knew that my dad was a preacher and never wanted to be the center of attention, but she would put forth a little extra effort to embarrass him.  And, she managed to do just that every time she saw him.  He was the perfect target for her. One Sunday, she saw us in this restaurant that was just full of people and she made a beeline for my dad.  You could see that he wanted the walls to swallow him up to avoid her.  Well, she didn’t disappoint the crowd because she asked him (very loudly) if it was true that I was pregnant and was gonna have to get married.  Of course I wasn’t and she knew it, but it got the reaction that she was wanting.  My dad turned about twelve shades of red and he stammered and stuttered around for a few minutes.

Once my friends and I got our driver’s licenses, one of us would sometimes drive to the high school.  Every once in a while when we drove to school, we would get behind Maggie’s bus and she would play tricks on us.  As I said before, she was a big cut-up and very funny.  She got many of my dreary school days started with laughter.

See ya next Wednesday.