Our Aluminum Christmas Tree

Good morning.

This is one of my most favorite times of the year.  I have always loved Christmas and really enjoying decorating, inside and outside.  Today I want to tell you about our aluminum Christmas tree.

I’m not now nor have I ever been a fan of artificial trees.  When I was small, Dad used to walk back into the woods with his saw or axe and bring back a beautiful cedar tree.  And I’m here to tell you that there is nothing that makes the house smell as good as a cedar tree.

Dad would put the tree into the tree stand and bring it into the house where Mom had a sheet all spread out on the floor where the tree would stand.  Heaven forbid if a drop of water got onto her floor.  After they got the tree placed where they wanted it, Dad would string the lights and Mom would put the ornaments on it.  She had all these little glass ornaments that my sister and I were not allowed to touch, much less hang one of them on the tree.  We could, however, put icicles on the tree but only one at a time.  But, when we finished, to me it was the most beautiful tree in the world and the house smelled good too.

But I digress.  So, since we were living in our new house and the aluminum Christmas trees had just come on the market, Mom decided she wanted one of them.  Lights were not put onto these trees; there was a color wheel that rotated and changed the color of the tree.  So, at one point, we actually had a green tree, but only when the green color rotated around.  Mom also bought some brand new glass ornaments for this tree which were pastel blues, pinks and greens.  Oh, and do you remember those ornaments that were made from paper and dipped into wax, then sprinkled with glitter?  Well, we put some of those on the tree too.  We didn’t put icicles on this tree either – it was just a piece of aluminum foil shaped like a christmas tree.

By this time, she decided that we were old enough to help decorate the tree.  Now, each ornament had to be put in the right spot and there could be no holes; it had to be perfect.  She even had a little Santa village that she put underneath the tree until the presents could be wrapped.  It was a pretty tree but it wasn’t a real tree and it surely didn’t give off that good ole cedar smell.

We used that tree for several years and only broke a few of those beautiful ornaments.  When Cheryl and I cleaned out Mom’s attic a year before she passed away, you know what we found?  Yep, we found that sad little aluminum tree and the rotating light.  Mom had kept that tree all those years.

I still have those precious ornaments that my mom bought so many years ago; but since I have cats, I don’t dare put them on a tree.  But, each year when I do decorate, I get them out and remember all those good Christmases we shared as a family.

See ya next Wednesday.