My Mother

My mother was born June 8, 1926 to Tilghman Ray and Amy Rhinehart Dawes (Mawdie).  Mom was a homemaker; and at one time, sold Avon products door-to-door. She kept an immaculately clean house, cooked supper every night and froze or canned food from the garden.

During World War II, she worked at the defense plant, which, according to her, was not a nice place for a young single girl.  So, an older lady who also worked there took Mom under her wing and protected her from the thugs.  She also worked at a dry cleaner but was fired because she was accused of ruining the blouse of an influential lady.

Speaking of blouses, Mom bought herself a pretty new blouse which her younger sister, Rose, wanted to wear. When Mom refused to let her wear the blouse, Rose rode her bicycle over Mom and tore the blouse off of her.  Gee, does that sound like somebody else’s sister who ran over her with her new bike!

Aunt Edna, Mom’s older sister, and Uncle Fred had two sons, Arthur and Robert.  Aunt Edna was a hair dresser and Uncle Fred worked construction.  They lived in the St. Louis, Missouri area, and we spent many summers visiting them.  I looked forward to visiting them in the summer because I got to see Robert and Arthur. They both were older than my sister and me, but we always had fun with them.  Arthur married and worked for his father-in-law until his retirement.  We’ve since lost Aunt Edna, Uncle Fred, Arthur and his wife.  Robert owns an interior decorating corporation. I haven’t seen Robert in many many years; however, this Friday, I am flying down to see him.  I am so excited!

As long as I can remember, Rose, lived as close to Mawdie as she could.  She and Billie had three children, Greg, Toni and Gina.  Rose was also a hair dresser; Billie had a full-time job at the Texas Gas Company and cut hair on the weekends.  I loved hanging out with Rose; she was so much fun.   When I got older, she even asked me to cut and perm her hair.  Sometimes on Saturday night, she and Billie would take me with them to the drive-in theater to see a movie. Even though they were married, they acted like they were still teenage sweethearts.  She was always such a cut-up and the life of the party. I’ll have to tell you about some of the Christmases we spent with her.

See ya next Wednesday.