My Little Sister

My little sister Cheryl has always been a treasure to me.  She was born on January 8th which is the same day as Elvis’ birthday. That mere fact has gotten her into Graceland free and has allowed her to step to the front of the checkout line at Wal-mart.

I loved my little sister very much and wanted to share everything with her.  Following her birth, the area around her umbilical cord needed to be swabbed often with rubbing alcohol to prevent infection.  During the day, she would lie on the couch and I would talk to her and tell her about all the adventures we were going to have when she got bigger.  One day I decided that since I liked the smell of alcohol, she just might like it too.  So, I carefully leaned down with the open bottle and tilted it toward her face to make it easier for her to get a good whiff.  Now, you have to remember that I was only four years old and was only trying to help her.  Well, she smelled it alright; it spilled directly into her face and she began struggling to breathe.

My mother was in the kitchen when she heard my sis gasping for breath. She came running into the living room and asked me what had happened.  I tried to explain it to her; however, due to her hysterics, she just didn’t understand how helpful I was being. Anyway, she grabbed Cheryl off the couch and helped her start breathing normal again.  I’m sure that I was threatened with a whipping if I ever did anything like that again.  And believe me, I got plenty of those during my childhood.

My little sister recently earned her doctorate in Education and I just know breathing that alcohol made her smarter.  I’m not so sure she would agree with me about that or if she even likes the smell of alcohol.

Cheryl and I shared a lot of great adventures while we were growing up and continue to do so even now.  There will be plenty more stories of our escapades later.

See ya next Wednesday.