My First Homemade Pizza

Good morning.  Don’t ya just love a good greasy pizza?  Well, I do and I don’t care if it isn’t good for me health-wise.  I know I entitled this story as my first homemade pizza, but I’m not so sure that I had ever had any kind of pizza before this.

We were living in our new house on the Bottom Road and I was probably 12 or 13 years old.  We had relatives on my mom’s side living just up the road from us.  They also had the huge strawberry patches where we picked our strawberries every year.

My cousin was a couple of years older than I; and occasionally, we would spend the day together.  So one day, she invited me to come up to her house and we would make pizza.  Her dad was a farmer so almost everything we were gonna put on this pizza was grown on their farm.

So, I walked up to her house and we got started.  First she made the crust (from scratch I might add) and let that set for a little while.  Next, she fried some bacon and sausage (now this definitely came from hogs they had raised); and I tell ya, fresh sausage and bacon smells so good while it’s frying.  She took some homemade canned tomatoes and green peppers and onions and chopped them up for toppings. I don’t remember us having any cheese.  And, she boiled some macaroni to put on the pizza.  I know that sounds strange, but we were just using everything we could think of to complete this one-of-a-kind pizza.

Anyway, once everything was cooked and chopped, we started building the pizzas (we actually had enough for two pizzas).  We piled all those goodies on the two pizza crusts and baked them.  Man, I tell ya, those were some of the best pizzas I have ever eaten and I’ve had some good pizza.

I really had a good time that day with my cousin and we spent some other fun times together as we grew older.

Oh, one other time that I remember, was one day she decided we should lay out in the sun and get a tan.  I didn’t have a bathing suit; I mean, we didn’t go swimming and I certainly didn’t need one.  But, she gave me one to wear and I have to tell ya, I looked pretty pitiful in that thing.  To begin with, it was way too big and I thought the thing was going to fall off of me.  The bra section was a joke because I did not have boobs, much less boobs that would fit that suit.  But, we got out on her front porch and stayed about 30 minutes.  To me, it was pretty boring, but I was more scared that somebody was gonna see me in that nasty-looking bathing suit.

Wasn’t growing up a lot of fun?  As I have been writing this blog, it has brought back some of my favorite times growing up.  I hope you’re enjoying reliving my childhood as much as I am.

See ya next Wednesday.