My First Flight

Good morning.

Are you a good flier?  I am so fascinated by planes and love to watch them take off and land; however, I’m not a good flier.  I tolerate it and am ready to be on the ground the minute the plane takes off.

The first time I flew in a plane was several years ago just after I had graduated from high school.  My dad, mom and little sister had moved to Memphis, Tennessee, so my dad could attend Getwell School of Preaching. I had started business school, had a job and we still had our house so I stayed at home.  My grandmother, Mawdie, stayed in the house with me and looked after the house and our pets.  I always knew that I would have a good home-cooked meal waiting for me everyday when I got home.  I took Mawdie to church on the weekends and we spent some really precious time together.  I talked to my mom almost every day, but I missed them very much.

We all decided that I should fly to Memphis one weekend to see them.  Paducah has an airport so I could catch a plane in Paducah and they would pick me up at the Memphis airport.  The one problem was that I had never flown and all I could think of was that puppy falling out of the sky between Paducah and Memphis.

Anyway, I made reservations for one weekend and made my way to the airport after work on Friday afternoon.  I bought some flight insurance, just in case my worst fears came true, and checked my luggage.  So, I got on the plane and made sure I had a window seat.  I have to add here that I was flying in a plane with propellers; they didn’t have jets flying out of Paducah then.  I got all comfortable thinking I had both seats to myself; however, to my disappointment, I had a seat partner.  The man who was seated next to me was a businessman; I don’t remember his name although I’m sure he introduced himself.  I do remember that he was about half drunk and smelled like a brewery.  He talked to me all the way to Memphis.  I had brought a book to read but never opened the first page.  They served a meal on this 30-minute trip.  We had club sandwiches, chips and a drink.

So, we’re on our way to Memphis when we run into a thunderstorm.  Oh crap; see, my fears were materializing – I was never gonna see my family ever again.  It rained pretty hard for a while but the pilot finally went above the clouds and I have to say that watching the lightning from above was really great.  The lightning was pink and lit up the whole sky; it was beautiful.

We got ready to land in Memphis and the pilot came on and told us the landing would be a little rough and he was absolutely right.  I was never so glad to see land again.  It was raining in Memphis and we had people who met us as we got off the plane with umbrellas.  That’s right – they escorted us into the airport.  When I got inside, there was my mom, dad and little sister waiting for me – what a beautiful sight.

I really enjoyed spending the weekend with my family and I don’t even remember the trip back to Paducah.  I made several more weekend trips to Memphis, but I’ll never forget my first flight.

See ya next Wednesday.