My Eighth Birthday

Good morning.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you had a birthday?  I mean, birthdays were the grandest things and you wanted the whole world to know about it. Nowadays, I try to forget those puppies.

Anyway, when I was in third grade at Sharpe Elementary School, it was almost time for my birthday and naturally I was very excited.  Our third grade teacher’s name was Mrs. Smith and she a very nice lady with a sweet smile.

sc05c387eeBefore I tell you about my birthday, I have to tell you this first.  When I was a kid, I did not like hamburgers.  We didn’t have them at home and they just didn’t sound good to me.  Every Friday at school was hamburger day only I wouldn’t eat my hamburger.  I ate the french fries and whatever dessert we had.  Mrs. Smith somehow noticed that I would always throw away my hamburger so she decided she would try to get me to eat one.

So, one Friday she came over and sat down beside me at lunch and asked that if she cut my hamburger in half, would I just try to eat it.  She put pickles and mustard on it for me so I thought I should at least try it just because she was so nice.  Well, believe it or not, I kind of liked it but I still didn’t want a whole burger.  For the next few weeks, she sat with me and cut my burger in half for me.  Eventually, she stopped cutting it and I began to eat the whole thing.  Mrs. Smith went out of her way just to help me and I never forgot her for that.

Now, back to the birthday.  I went into class the morning of my eighth birthday and told Mrs. Smith about it.  She always announced the birthdays to the class and I was so excited that today she would announce that I was eight years old.

I waited and waited for Mrs. Smith to announce my birthday but she just wouldn’t do it.  So, I walked to her desk about every hour and reminded her that it was my birthday.  She would just smile and say that she knew that it was my birthday. Toward the end of the day, I was getting worried that she was never gonna announce my birthday to the class so I made my way up to her desk just one more time to remind her.  Again, she just smiled at me.

I turned to go back to my desk and tried not to show how disappointed I was and that is when she totally surprised me.  When I had my back to her, she brought out her paddle and gave me a whack and yelled “Happy Birthday Karen!”  Everybody in class laughed and I was shocked beyond words.  I turned around and looked at her, and she was smiling that sweet smile of hers and I just melted.  She hadn’t forgotten me after all.

I don’t remember too many birthdays being as eventful as that one, but Mrs. Smith didn’t let me down on my eighth birthday.

See ya.