My Dad

Let me introduce you to my dad.  He was born and raised in Marshall County and was the youngest of seven children.  He was a gentle man who was always available to help anyone in need.  Every year, he grew enough vegetables to share with families in the neighborhood.  He also did plumbing jobs on the side for little or no payment. Dad was a very hard working man throughout his entire life.  He always expected my sister and me to do our best in all of our endeavors because that’s just what he expected of himself.   And, we tried our very best to never let him down.

Since he was the youngest child, he was opened to suggestions from his siblings, especially his brothers.  They lived on a farm and had to use their imagination to entertain themselves because there was no television, computer or any of the other devices that are available to kids today.

One of my favorite stories about Dad was how each evening my grandmother would go to the pasture and bring the cows to the barn for the night.  Once they got to the barn, it was Dad’s job was to herd them inside and latch the doors.  One of his brothers suggested that when the cows got to the barn door, he should jump out and scare them – how funny would that be.  Not aiming to let the older guys have all the fun, that is exactly what he did.   When the cows appeared at the barn door, he jumped out and yelled.  Of course this sent them running back to the pasture and Grandma had to walk all the way back to the field and bring them to the barn again.  Let me add here that Grandma was a wonderful woman but she was strict and didn’t have much of a sense of humor.   Anyway, Dad scared the cows a couple of times before my grandmother decided to see what was causing them to run away from the barn.  When she walked in the barn, Dad jumped out and yelled thinking the cows were back, never dreaming that his mom would appear in the door. Yep, you guessed it, she didn’t scare as easily as the cows and I do believe she used the tobacco stick on him that day.  But, I bet it was fun anyway!

I have plenty more funny stories about Grandma and her lack of humor that I will share with you in later posts.

See ya next Wednesday.