Joel and Amanda’s Wedding

I want to share with you the marriage of my son Joel and his beautiful fiance Amanda. They were married last Friday in a civil ceremony in uptown Charlotte; her dad and I served as their witnesses.   And, of course, her mom was there too.  Their formal wedding is planned for May 21, 2012 which is gonna be so pretty.

We first had lunch at Ri Ra; it was delicious and there was so much food – I mean, I can eat on the fish I got for a couple of days.  So, we headed over to the courthouse and had to go through security.  Let me add here that we never do anything that there isn’t a “moment” and Friday was no exception.  I went through the scanner okay but I had taken my camera with me only to find out you can’t take cameras into the courthouse. So, Joel and I had to take Sherri’s and my camera back to the car which was about four blocks away from the courthouse.

We made it through security this time and went to wait in line which seemed very long, but in fact, moved pretty fast.  While we were waiting, another lady and I talked about the high heels that some of the girls were wearing.  I tell ya, if I had to wear some of those puppies, I would definitely break a leg, not to mention what wearing them would do to my poor old feet.  One couple waiting in line was all dressed up in wedding apparel and they looked really nice.

So, our turn finally came and we went into the courtroom where the Magistrate told us where to sit.  Joel and Amanda stood facing one another and holding hands in front the Magistrate.  Joel said his vows first; and when it was Amanda’s turn, Joel kept winking and grinning at her and she had a little trouble saying hers without getting tickled.  The Magistrate made Joel look at her and then they both struggled not to laugh out loud.  It was a very sweet ceremony and we did take a few pictures with our cell phones.

It was a wonderful day and I just want to say congratulations to Joel and Amanda and wish them a long and happy life together.  I love you.

See ya next week.