I Peeked at my Christmas Gifts

Good morning.

Did you ever snoop around the house until you found your Christmas gifts?  Now, be honest — you did, didn’t you?  I did, but only once because how disappointing it is to open your gifts on Christmas Day and already know what you’re getting.

I remember the year I found mine.  My mom told me where some of my gifts were just in case I did decide to snoop around.  But, the threat that she layered on top of the knowledge of the whereabouts of my gifts was that if she found out that I had gotten into them, she would take every single one of them back to the store and I wouldn’t get anything.  Now, if you knew my mom, which some of you did, you know that her threats were not idle threats.

The great hiding place that my mother found was in my very own closet.  I was just a teenager by then and was asking for things like makeup and eyelash curlers and such.

I had to pick a time to get into that closet when my mom would be gone from the house. The trick was to make sure she had gone far enough from the house that she wouldn’t come back in and catch me red handed.  About that time, she was selling Avon and had to make her last deliveries before Christmas.  She had customers all over our part of Marshall County; and since I had helped bag up the products, I knew where she was going.  Yippee, she was gonna be gone a long time.  Perfect!

So, I gave her time enough to get a pretty good ways away and made my way into my bedroom.  I shut the door just because I really thought I was safer with that puppy closed.  I slowly opened the closet door and began my treasure hunt.  It took me a little while to find the bag she had hidden in there but I had to be very careful to make sure that I only disturbed the bag and not the other stuff in the closet.  I’m telling you, my mother had an eagle eye and she would know if one little thing was out of place.

So, I got the bag out and found my much wanted eyelash curlers, makeup and makeup bag.  There were some other smaller things in the bag too but I was so tickled that I was gonna get exactly what I wanted.  I even got the curlers out of their box and tried them out, which was very stupid of me.  After a little while, I put them back in the closet because I knew that my mom could drive up at any moment and I would be dead meat.

Now, I don’t remember what my big gifts were that year, but I decided that I was never gonna snoop and find my gifts again.  While I was tickled pink to get that stuff, it was not a surprise.  And, I don’t know about you, but I love to be surprised on Christmas morning.

See ya next Wednesday.