I Lost My Shoes

Good morning.  I know I have mentioned that I went roller skating when I was younger but today I want to share a particular skating party with you where I lost my shoes.

When I was in about the fifth grade at Sharpe Elementary School, our class would go on a skating party a couple of times a year.  The teachers would schedule a day and schedule a bus to take us to the skating rink in Benton. Joe Nanny was the owner of the skating rink and it was one of the most popular places for kids in Marshall County.

Of course, the teachers would send permission slips home with us because if you didn’t turn in a signed permission slip, you wouldn’t get to go to the skating party.  I’m sure we had to pay some money too for skate rental, but I don’t remember how much — it couldn’t have been much back then.

So, the day of our skating party arrived and everybody was so excited about going. We had to meet at the school to catch the bus to Benton.  Naturally, all my girlfriends and I had to make sure we were sitting in seats close to each other so we could talk about which boys we wanted to skate with when we got to the rink.

We got to the skating rink and had to get our skates.  I have to add here that it didn’t matter how much padding I put in those skates, I ended up with huge blisters on both of my feet.  But, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  I just suffered through the healing of the blisters every single time I went skating.

Joe would play good songs to skate by and also had different kinds of activities that you could skate to if you wanted.  He would offer skating backwards, the limbo, and couples only.  Most of the time, it was where everybody could skate.  I’m sure I skated with a boy or two in the couples skate but most of the time, I just struggled to stay on my feet instead of my behind.

The rink also had soft drinks and candy that you could buy if you wanted to sit out a song or two.  There was a little galley that had little bleachers where you could sit and eat/drink your goodies or just watch everybody else skating.  That’s also where you put your shoes while you were skating.

Joe would offer one last song before the party ended and the floor would be totally full because no one was ready to go home.  After the last song, we all rushed to the seats to change into our shoes and get our coats before the trip home.

Well, this is where it gets interesting.  I went to get my shoes and couldn’t find them.  I searched that place over and still couldn’t find my shoes.  So, I waited to see if someone had accidently taken my shoes and was going to return them.  And, by the way, these shoes were new; and since I didn’t get new shoes too often, I really wanted my shoes back.  Finally, I found what I thought were my shoes; but lo and behold, they weren’t mine.  They were some scruffy old shoes but they were the only shoes left.  Somebody had taken my new shoes and left me with these.  The sad thing was that the old shoes fit me; so whoever took mine, would be able to wear them just fine.

The trip home was very long for me because I was really afraid I would get into trouble when I got home without my shoes.  But my mom didn’t say too much about it.

We went on many more skating parties while I was in grade school but I never lost my shoes any more.  But, you know something – I guess whoever took my shoes surely needed them much worse than I did.

See ya next Wednesday.