I Lost My Car Keys

Good morning.

Have you ever lost your car keys?  I only lost mine once and it was not a happy time for me.

Graduating from high school is a great event for every teenager and graduating from North Marshall High School was one of the greatest events of my life.  All of us kids had gone through twelve years of school – a lot of us had gone through all twelve grades together.

So, it came time for graduation.  We had Class Night which was fun because all of us girls got to wear formal gowns and get our hair all dolled up and the guys looked so handsome in their suits.  We also had Baccalaureate but we wore our caps/gowns for that.  Graduation night was the thrill of them all.  We were finally gonna get our diplomas and become adults, or so we thought.

There was a rule that the girls had to ask a boy to march with them during all the graduation services.  Even though I was a senior, I still was kind of shy.  But one of my friends told me this guy really liked me and was hoping that I would ask him to march with me.  He was a cute guy so I pushed my fear away and asked him — he said yes.

A couple of days before the services, he came to me and said that since he had transferred from an out-of-state school, our records indicated he didn’t have enough credits to graduate which meant he couldn’t participate in any of the graduation services.  I was very disappointed and he just kept apologizing; but it wasn’t his fault. But, now I had to ask another guy to march with me.  And this late in the day, it would be slim pickin’s.  I discovered that one of my funny friends had not been asked by anyone so I grabbed his arm and told him he was marching with me.

Following the graduation service, one of the guys in our class invited some of us to a party which was being held on his family’s houseboat docked at Kentucky Lake. There was gonna be all kinds of food and drinks awaiting us at the boat.  I had driven my little Corvair that night so a bunch of kids rode with me to the lake.  I had never been to a party like that but we all had so much fun.  Some of the kids went swimming and some of us girls were thrown into the lake – yes, we were wearing our clothes.

Around 10 pm, some of the kids had to go home but some of us thought we would stay a little longer. A couple of hours later, the rest of us decided it was time to go home.  I went to get my keys and couldn’t find them anywhere.  OMG, where were they?  Then I started wondering if I had dropped them when they threw me in the lake.  I went into a tee-total panic because I was gonna be in major trouble if I had lost them in the lake.  But, one of my friends reminded me that I had given them to one of boys who rode with me.

The only problem with that was that he had already gone home and it was really late. But, I had no choice but to go to his house and get my keys.  Another one of my friends drove me to their house which was about 10 miles from the lake.  We found the house; and of course, they were all in bed, but I started knocking on the door.  His dad came to the door and I told him who I was and why I was there.  He walked back into the house and brought my keys to me.  Whew!!!  I would live to see another day.

I don’t think I ever told my parents that I had lost my keys.  Heck, I didn’t even tell them I was thrown into the lake.  I actually hid my wet clothes from my mom.  But, I tell ya, I wouldn’t take anything for that time in my life.

See ya next Wednesday.