How My Little Sister Tried to Scare Me to Death

If you remember, in one of my earlier blogs, I wrote about my little sister running over me with her new bicycle and trying to kill me.  Well, today I’m gonna tell you how she tried to scare me to death.

Every night after supper, either one or both of us had to help our mom clean up the supper dishes and straighten the kitchen.  I don’t know if they even had dishwashers back then, but it didn’t matter because Mom had two good ones right there.  So, one of us had to clean the table off and put away the leftovers for Dad’s lunch the next day, and the other one had to wash and/or dry the dishes.

And I tell ya, we were blessed with a good home-cooked meal every single night of the week.  One night, we were cleaning up and I had to make a pit stop so I left the kitchen. When I came back, my mom asked me to put away some silverware.  Of course Cheryl was no where to be seen so I was gonna have to do her job.

I walked over to the sink to get the silverware and just as I reached for the drawer handle, it slowly came out toward me.  I had always been easily spooked and that night was no exception.  I pushed the drawer back in and stepped back. Once again, it came out again very slowly.  Now, my mom was acting like she was a little scared so it just carried on over to me.  I was really getting panicky.  I decided to try to close it once more and here came that sucker back out again.  Well, my mom couldn’t hold her laughter any longer; and all of a sudden, Cheryl opened the cabinet door and got out laughing at me too.  I think Dad was in the living room reading the paper or watching television so he wasn’t in on this one.

So, what actually happened was Cheryl got inside the cabinet and positioned herself to where she could push the drawer out without being seen.  Now, was that ugly or what?

But, I have to tell you here about what happened to Cheryl, and she did it to herself – not on purpose of course.  Mom kept a container (a plastic bottle that had a lid that screwed down into it) of cold water in the refrigerator, especially in the summer when it was so hot.  One afternoon, Cheryl came inside to get some cold water and cool off. She was gonna sit at the table to drink her water.  Mom had the chairs under the table so instead of pulling a chair out, Cheryl decided to crawl into the chair from the floor.  She reached for the water and grabbed it by the top.  When she did, the top came off and all that water spilled down the front of her and into her lap. She couldn’t move because she was against the table.  She gasped for breath for about five minutes. Kind of reminded me of the alcohol incident. She didn’t get into trouble for spilling the water because it was just too funny.  She never grabbed the bottle by the lid any more.

We might have pulled some tricks on one another, but you know something, we never did anything that would hurt either of us.

See ya next Wednesday.