Happy New Year

Good morning.

Well, my little sister came to visit me and I gotta tell you about all the fun we had while she was here.  She arrived Friday afternoon and I was so excited to see her.  You see, I had gone to Georgia in August, but I was ready to see her again.

I made some lasagna and bread for supper and we stuffed ourselves completely.  I had been given some good homemade candies and cookies for Christmas so we had some of those for dessert.  As a matter of fact, I had baked a ham; we just had all kinds of good junk food to munch on the whole time she was here.

After supper, we opened our Christmas gifts.  I always give her something that is associated with the University of Kentucky because she is a huge fan of those wildcats.  This year I got her a tee-shirt and a UK monkey.  She absolutely fell in love with him and decided that he would sleep with her while she was here.  I gave her other gifts too, but those were her favorites.  She gave me a GPS since I can get lost in a parking lot.  No lie.  And she gave me a lot of other great gifts too.

She usually gives me something that is a little unique and this year was no exception. There were three packages that she told me to open together so I did; and you’ll never guess what they were – paperback books.  She knows how I love to read so she went to some second-hand bookstores and bought about 60 Harlequin romance books.  Now, these little books are small enough that you can read one in a couple of hours.  I love, love, love those books.  She also gave me another book which was written by Missy Jenkins entitled “I Choose to be Happy.”  In this book, Missy tells about how she was shot and paralyzed in the Heath School shooting in 1997, and the difficulties with which she constantly struggles.  I highly recommend that you get this book; it’s very inspirational.

Anyway on Saturday, Cheryl and I took off to the Carolina Place Mall to see what kind of bargains we could find.  I have to add here that she has a little SmartCar and I adore that car.  We just tootle all over the place in it and it’s really a comfortable car in which to ride.  We really didn’t find much at Carolina Place so we decided that on Monday we would go to South Park Mall.

On Sunday, Joel and Amanda came over for supper and we had barbecue, salad, chips and I made a Cherry Tart for dessert.  To most folks, that dessert is called Cherry Cheesecake.  We sat around the table and had the best time.  Cheryl and I got to talking about when we grew up and Joel was just fascinated about some of the things we did when we were kids.

On Monday, we went to South Park Mall and Cheryl found some shoes that she liked. Oh, and we programmed that new GPS to help us find the malls even though I knew where they both were.  On our way home from South Park, we stopped and got some Chinese food for supper and again, stuffed ourselves.  We watched Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve party; and at midnight, had a little bubbly to bring in the new year.

My little sister went back home on Tuesday and I already miss her.  But, some time in the spring, I will make another trip to her house, and we’ll see what kind of mischief we can into then.

See ya next Wednesday.