Happy Halloween

Good morning.  I have briefly mentioned in an earlier post about our Halloweens when we were young.  Today, I want to talk about a couple of our favorite Halloweens.

Even when we lived in the little block house on the Bottom Road, our mom and dad would dress us up and take us around the neighborhood and to our families’ homes. Most of the time, we only had a store-bought mask and wore our regular clothes.  I only remember actually having a complete costume for one Halloween and I will talk about that one in a little bit.

What made the early Halloweens great were the treats that folks gave to us. We would come home with bags full of homemade goodies like cookies, brownies, candied apples and my favorite, popcorn balls.  You see, back then, you didn’t have to worry that someone would put a needle in the treats they gave out; that sort of thing just didn’t happen.  Halloweens were so much fun then and about the worst meanness that went on was getting your car or house windows soaped.

One year when my little sister was about four or five years old, we got all dressed up for Halloween.  First, we went to get goodies from all our families.  Once we visited all of them, we went back to our neighborhood.  Now, Mom and Dad would stay in the car and send us up to the house.  And, when folks opened their doors, they would see the car and knew exactly who was standing there with their little bags held out for treats. The funny thing was that they always acted like they were scared and we really thought they didn’t know who we were.  So, we went to one of our favorite neighbors and knocked on the door; and when Mrs. Thompson opened it, we of course said “Trick or Treat.”

She put her hands over her mouth and said, “Oh my goodness, who are you?  I’m so scared.”

And my little sister, being the sweet little girl that she was, raised her Halloween mask off her face and said, “Don’t be scared; it’s just me.”  Now, was that sweet or what!

I remember another Halloween when our cousin Angelyn was spending the night so she could go trick-or-treating with us.  The only problem was that she didn’t have a costume or even a mask to wear.  Well, my mom came up with the most perfect plan – she would make a mask for her out of a grocery bag that she had gotten at the store.  You have to remember that back then, the grocery stores used brown paper bags, not those plastic things we get today.  She took a bag and crayons and fixed up a pretty scary-looking mask.  She punched a couple of eye holes in the bag so Angelyn could see where she was going and put her in one of Dad’s old shirts and jacket. That year I had a clown costume and Cheryl had a Tinker Bell costume. What made this Halloween so fun was that even though the neighbors knew the car, they couldn’t figure out why there were three of us.  But we got the usual delicious goodies and had a great time with our cousin.

I really miss those Halloweens because the world was just a better place then and it was a safe place for kids to dress up and have a little fun.

See ya next Wednesday.