In an earlier post, I told you about my first big crush and how I had to shake his hand at church which nearly ended my life.  And, I also told you that I would tell you about my next big crush.

Today, I’m gonna tell you about that crush and how I have never forgotten him.  You read how scary becoming a freshman was for me and that I survived that first year.  In my freshman year, one of my study halls was in the school library.  I tell ya, we had one mean librarian because if you made a sound, she gave you a look that would absolutely melt you into the ground.

One day I walked into the library and there he was just quietly reading or he may have been studying.  And oh, he was the cutest boy I had ever seen; well the cutest since my first crush anyway.  I didn’t have any idea what his name was and was not about to go up and introduce myself to him.  I mean, you just didn’t go up and ask someone who they were and tell them they were cuter than anybody else in the world; or at least, I didn’t do that.

I told my friends all about him and they later told me his name and that he played on the basketball team.  Well, okay, that was not good because there was no way a basketball player would give this little skinny, freckled-face girl a second look.  But, there was no reason that I couldn’t secretly like him and dream that someday he would pass up the most gorgeous girl for me.

It wasn’t long before the whole school somehow knew that I had a big crush on this boy; and some his friends started teasing me about him.  They even started calling me “Fuzzy” because that it was his nickname.  Eventually, I found out why they called him that; and no, I won’t tell you why.  I’m sure they teased him too although he never let on when we met in the hall.  When he was a senior, he signed my annual and wrote something really nice.  He had known all along but was kind enough not to make me feel really stupid.  I remember one day I met him in the hall and he put his baseball cap on my head (he played baseball too).  Oh yeah baby, that made my day!

I later married one of his classmates. One night after church, we stopped at the Dairy Queen to get some ice cream.  My husband went in to get our ice cream; and when he came out, he had someone with him.  They walked to my side of the car and my husband asked, “Do you know who this is?”

Oh geez, it was him!  No longer the shy freckled-face girl, I said, “this is the man I have loved all my life.”

We all had a good laugh at that and talked for quite a while.  He and his wife had become missionaries and were doing really great.  I later ran into him at a basketball game and he told me he had written a book.  He actually sent an autographed copy to me; and yes, I still have it.

I carried the name “Fuzzy” all through high school.  At one of our class reunions a few years ago, all those goofy guys were still calling me “Fuzzy.”  I guess my gravestone will read, “Here Lies Fuzzy.”

See ya next Wednesday.