Christmas Gift for my First Boyfriend

Good morning.

You know, when I was growing up, I didn’t have many boyfriends.  I was kind of quiet and shy and felt like an idiot around boys.  And, of course, my sister and I were taught that you didn’t chase boys because that made you look like a bad girl.

When I was in sixth grade though, I had my first boyfriend and he was a really sweet boy.  He had freckles like I did and was kind of shy like I was.  Whenever we went to a skating party or had ballgames at the school, we always sat together and held hands.

Well, anyway, it was getting close to Christmas and I had to get him a gift.  We also drew names in our class so I had to get a gift for that person too.  I was stewing about what I should get my boyfriend.  After all, he was my very first boyfriend.  But, my mom said not to worry, that she would find something perfect for him.

Our teacher started making plans for our class Christmas party and brought in a tree that we decorated with things we made in class, like chains made from red and green construction paper.  I think there were leftover ornaments from the year before too. For the party, everybody was to bring cookies and the punch would be furnished by our teacher.

So, my mom goes shopping for my gifts and she was so proud of what she had gotten.  She bought these little red lanterns (she got two because I had drawn another boy’s name) and just thought they were the cutest things.  Not me — I thought they were the ugliest, silliest things I had ever seen, but I didn’t tell her that.  First of all, I would have gotten slapped, but I would never have hurt my mom’s feelings by saying something mean to her.  Still, a girl wouldn’t give her boyfriend something like that for Christmas, would she?  My mom had gotten what she thought he would like.  And you know what, he really did like that little red lantern.  My mom actually knew what she was doing when she bought those lanterns.  Turns out my mom was much smarter than I thought she was.

We had a great Christmas party that year.  We had a few lessons that morning and partied the rest of the afternoon.  My boyfriend gave me a little necklace that I wore proudly.

I had other boyfriends down through the years, but you never forget your very first boyfriend, do you?

See ya next Wednesday.