Chimney Rock, North Carolina

I have to tell you about my trip to Chimney Rock, North Carolina.   The mountains are now covered with all the beautiful fall colors, the air is cool and crisp, and it’s just a great place to be.

I went with a couple of my friends to get apples and veggies; and did we ever find apples.  Every mile or so, there was an apple stand but you could also get veggies like cabbage, squash, tomatoes and corn.  My friends bought a huge bag of cabbage for $10.   The cabbages were about the size of a basketball and I guess they got about 5 or 6 cabbages.

The apple stands had all kinds of apples.  We stopped at one that had some bales of hay and corn stalks decorated like animals and bugs.  They also had a big pen with some chickens that looked like they had fur instead of feathers.  There was an apple carved from a tree which was really neat.  I ended up getting a bushel of Golden Delicious apples and a bag of Black Arkansas apples.  I had never heard of the Black Arkansas apples but was told these apples will stay good for quite some time and they are absolutely delicious.  My son and I are going to try to make some apple butter and who knows what else we’ll decide to make with these apples.

We ate at a restaurant in Chimney Rock which had a little stream behind it. Before getting our food, we walked down to the little stream and took some pictures. After lunch, we walked around town and visited all the shops.

After hanging out in Chimney Rock for a while, we decided to go to Pisgah National Forest where we visited the Looking Glass Waterfall. Oh gosh, it was just breathtaking.   We stayed there for quite a while and I took several pictures.  We left there and went on to Sliding Rock where you could actually slide down the stream on this huge flat rock. There was a guy there throwing a tennis ball into the water and his brown labrador retriever was jumping in and fetching the ball. That pup was having a great time.

As we started for home, it began to rain and it rained all the way home. But, this was such a fun day with good friends and a chance to see the mountains with all the fall colors.  I really hated to leave; I could stay in the mountains forever.

I know I’m normally say “see ya next Wednesday;” but this time I’m gonna say “see ya next Tuesday” because I am adding a new feature called Trivia Tuesday.  Each week I will post a short story about a past or current event and then ask a few questions to test your memory.  I will post the answers on Fridays.  I hope you will join me because I think it will be fun.