Baby Jesus

Do you remember your first pet?  Well, I do and I want to share with you what happened to my first pet.  Animals have always been a big part of my life and still are.  I have had dogs, cats, birds, fish, but my first pet was a little chicken that I named Baby Jesus.

Baby Jesus was kept in a little cage outside so everyday I would take him out of his cage and hold him while I talked and sang to him.  One day, as I was sitting out in the yard, a great big chicken hawk flew down and snatched Baby Jesus out of my hands and flew away.  As I watched him fly off with my baby chicken, I started screaming, “he took my Baby Jesus; he took my Baby Jesus.” My mom was in the house cleaning, of course, but she came running outside to see why I was carrying on so much. I tearfully told her what had happened.  She was pretty mad that I had made such a ruckus, but then she realized that he could have picked me up just as easily as he had my chicken and kind of got over her aggravation.  I never saw my Baby Jesus again.  But never fear, I’m sure he went to Chicken Heaven.

We also had a parakeet named Tweety and that sucker could talk.   During the summer, my sister and I would play in the backyard and every so often, my mom would come to the back door to check on us and would call to me, “Karen, come here.”  Once she was satisfied that we were both okay, she would go back into the house and we would continue playing.   You know, after a while, I would hear, “Karen, come here,” and would run to the back door to let my mom know we were okay but would discover that Tweety was calling me, not my mom.  We had Tweety for several years and had other parakeets after his death.  But, none of them ever talked quite as well as he did.

Baby Jesus and Tweety were just two of my childhood pets and I will share more pet stories with you in the future.

See ya next Wednesday.