Another Trip to the Mountains

I made another trip back to the mountains this past weekend with two friends, Lisa and Mary Ann. We drove to Asheville, NC, where we shopped in all the little stores and at Early Girl Eatery where the atmosphere was quaint and the food was delicious.

Downtown Asheville was full of folks from everywhere and a lot of them had brought their dogs. There were dogs of every size, color and breed and they all were cute as they could be.  There were also street musicians who just found a spot on the sidewalk and played their music.

We spent a couple of hours in Asheville, then drove down the Blue Ridge Parkway where we found lots of colorful trees on the mountains. We also stopped at the Blue Ridge Folk Art Center where they had displays of homemade crafts such as quilts, brooms, glassware and Christmas goodies.  They also had some gorgeous stained-glass hangings.   Now, I tell ya, these folks like their products because they were really expensive.

We started home about 5 pm and immediately ran into some sort of accident on Interstate 40 so we turned around and went back through Asheville to Interstate 26. As we were driving along the road, we saw a little black dog trying to cross the interstate.   Well, since all three of us are animal lovers, we pulled over to try to save that little pup. Lisa had bought some treats for her baby, Lillie, so we ended up giving almost all of them to this pup hoping he would come close enough for one of us to grab and take him back across the interstate.  He ate the treats but never let us get very close.  But, he decided that he had enjoyed his little venture long enough and crossed back to his side of the interstate.  We stood out there waving at the traffic and trying to slow them down so they wouldn’t hit him and we succeeded.  Yep, he made it back across and we jumped into the car and left before he changed his mind again.


This is really a great time of the year to visit the mountains; they are absolutely breathtaking.  The colors are so bright and vivid – you think you’re looking at a painting.  I look forward to going back soon.

See ya next Wednesday.