Another Christmas Memory

As I said last week, I have more Christmas stories to tell you, especially the Christmases we spent at Grandma and Grandpa Thomasson’s house.

I remember one Christmas in particular when Jimmie Thomasson brought his new bride to Grandma’s for Christmas Eve dinner.  Jimmie was Uncle Rip’s son but; unlike Uncle Rip, he lived in Marshall County like most of the Thomassons.   Now, Jimmie and Robbie had gotten married a couple of weeks before Christmas so of course she didn’t know any of the family. She had met some of us at the wedding but that was it and I’m sure she didn’t remember any of us.  She especially had no idea what spending Christmas with the Thomasson’s was gonna be like.  So, they came to Grandma’s and we had the huge meal we always had.  After all the gifts had been opened, Gene, Gary, Dennis and Larry asked Jimmie to take a short ride with them.   And, unsuspecting Jimmie agreed to do so and told Robbie that he wouldn’t be gone very long. Well, off they went and she was left there with all these strangers. The clock showed 9 pm, then 10 pm, and still no sign of Jimmie. Since it was getting so late, everybody got ready to leave because we had to get home and into bed so Santa Claus would come and leave us all those glorious toys.  Grandma made Robbie a bed on the living room couch and she and Grandpa went to bed. Sometime around 3 am the next morning, they brought Jimmie back to Grandma’s house.  I wasn’t there, but I can tell you right now, Jimmie’s new bride was not a happy camper; and yep you guessed it, they never came back to Grandma’s for Christmas Eve.

Now, Christmas at Rose’s house was like a day in the twighlight zone.  She would always have a bad headache so she couldn’t cook or help do anything.  Mawdie would do most of the cooking; my Mom would bring a couple of dishes and Rose would lie on the couch and grunt all day.  If you think I’m kidding, just ask anyone who was there.  Sometimes she would ask me to rub her neck.  I would always do it until my fingers started getting numb.  My sister would go to Greg’s room and they would talk science and space travel.  Toni and Gina were just running around playing and all excited about opening gifts.  Then, of course, Rose couldn’t help clean the kitchen after the meal either because she still had a headache.  But, I tell ya, she was the life of the party and I always had a great time when I was around her.  One of her last Christmases was spent at my house; and even though she was ill, she still was the life of the party.  I miss her a lot.

See ya next Wednesday.

I want to wish all of you a very very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.