Good morning.

I gotta tell ya that I love pretzels in every shape and form.  But, pretzels weren’t something that my little sister and I got very often.  And, when we did, it was like receiving a treasure.

Well, today’s tale is about a little girl who had a box of stick pretzels and was only willing to share if another little girl gave away her blue fur coat.

My mom and dad had some friends who took in foster children.  They were the perfect couple for that too.  They had five children of their own but they always had room for more, especially needy children.  He was a farmer and preacher and I think his wife worked at the school cafeteria.

Anyway, one Saturday we had been to Benton to get some things and Dad decided to stop by and see his friends.  Dad was thinking about becoming a preacher and he welcomed any and all help he could get.

He and Mom were only gonna be inside a minute so Cheryl and I stayed in the car. They had bought us some little boxes of stick pretzels so I decided to open mine while they were in the house.  I had just gotten the box open and started eating my precious stick pretzels, when a cute little girl came out of the house and walked up to the car. She had on the most beautiful light blue fur coat that I had ever seen and I’m here to tell you that I knew that I would never have anything like that.

Anyway, she walked up to the car and I rolled the window down.  We said hi to each other and she kept looking at my pretzels.  Well, a marvelous plan started forming in my mind.  I could give her all my pretzels if she would give me her beautiful coat.  Was that a perfect plan or what?  But, somehow I just couldn’t make that proposal to her. As a matter of fact, I handed her my whole box of pretzels and she smiled so sweetly at me.  I knew then that I had done the right thing.

Today, I still love my pretzels and I think of that sweet little girl every time I eat pretzel sticks.

See ya.