Good morning.  I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that Santa brought you everything for which you asked.  I cooked Christmas breakfast for Joel and Amanda; and my little sister and my daughter called me so I was very blessed this Christmas.

sc03339d30Since some of my family and friends are expecting a big snow, and I wanted to talk about some of my sister’s and my favorite snows.  Of course, when we were in school, we prayed for snow but not when we were on Christmas vacation.  My mom and dad, on the other hand, didn’t want it to snow at all; especially my dad because he worked at TVA and that was a good hour drive from our house.

But, if Dad didn’t have to go to work, he enjoyed the snow as much as my sister and I did.  We would dress warmly; and I mean, we were layered to the hilt, so we wouldn’t get cold.  So, Dad would get his shovel and out to the front yard we would go.  He would shovel up some snow and we would build a big ole snowman.

Once we got the snowman built, he would pile up a bunch more snow and sc0333c08dhave Cheryl and me to get behind it on our knees.  That way, it looked like the snow was really deep; then he would take a picture of us.  My mom didn’t like the snow much, but she and Mawdie would get out every once in a while so we could take their picture.  There were always lots of pictures taken of us when we had snows.

And, my favorite thing about snow was making snow cream.  I love snow cream.  Did you ever make it?  Now, the rule was that you shouldn’t eat snow from the first snowfall because of the radiation contained in the snow.  Whether this was true or not, we did not eat the first snow.  So, one snowfall was never enough — we just had to have that second snowfall.  My Aunt Mary Clay made the best snow cream in the world.  It would never fail though that I would eat mine too fast and get the most awful headache.

Dad was never afraid to get out on the snow in the car — we missed very few church services because of snow.  Like I have told you in earlier posts, he would get the chains out and put them on the tires.  And, since the roads were gravel, those chains would grab ahold of the gravel and we would get where we were going just fine.

See ya next Wednesday.


I Peeked at my Christmas Gifts

Good morning.

Did you ever snoop around the house until you found your Christmas gifts?  Now, be honest — you did, didn’t you?  I did, but only once because how disappointing it is to open your gifts on Christmas Day and already know what you’re getting.

I remember the year I found mine.  My mom told me where some of my gifts were just in case I did decide to snoop around.  But, the threat that she layered on top of the knowledge of the whereabouts of my gifts was that if she found out that I had gotten into them, she would take every single one of them back to the store and I wouldn’t get anything.  Now, if you knew my mom, which some of you did, you know that her threats were not idle threats.

The great hiding place that my mother found was in my very own closet.  I was just a teenager by then and was asking for things like makeup and eyelash curlers and such.

I had to pick a time to get into that closet when my mom would be gone from the house. The trick was to make sure she had gone far enough from the house that she wouldn’t come back in and catch me red handed.  About that time, she was selling Avon and had to make her last deliveries before Christmas.  She had customers all over our part of Marshall County; and since I had helped bag up the products, I knew where she was going.  Yippee, she was gonna be gone a long time.  Perfect!

So, I gave her time enough to get a pretty good ways away and made my way into my bedroom.  I shut the door just because I really thought I was safer with that puppy closed.  I slowly opened the closet door and began my treasure hunt.  It took me a little while to find the bag she had hidden in there but I had to be very careful to make sure that I only disturbed the bag and not the other stuff in the closet.  I’m telling you, my mother had an eagle eye and she would know if one little thing was out of place.

So, I got the bag out and found my much wanted eyelash curlers, makeup and makeup bag.  There were some other smaller things in the bag too but I was so tickled that I was gonna get exactly what I wanted.  I even got the curlers out of their box and tried them out, which was very stupid of me.  After a little while, I put them back in the closet because I knew that my mom could drive up at any moment and I would be dead meat.

Now, I don’t remember what my big gifts were that year, but I decided that I was never gonna snoop and find my gifts again.  While I was tickled pink to get that stuff, it was not a surprise.  And, I don’t know about you, but I love to be surprised on Christmas morning.

See ya next Wednesday.

Left at Church

Good morning.

As I have told you before, my dad became a gospel preacher; and in my opinion, he made a mighty fine preacher.  He went to Getwell School of Preaching in Memphis, Tennessee, but that’s a story for another time.  Anyway, while my sister and I were growing up, we went to almost every gospel meeting that was held within 30 miles of our house.

Usually, there was at least one other family that would meet us for the service.  I remember one time, this other man, who was also a gospel preacher, his wife, youngest son (whose name was James) and our family all went to Clements Street Church of Christ in Paducah to a meeting.  I guess I was about 10 years old when this happened.

Now, I have to add here that wherever we went, we were usually among the first people to arrive and most likely would be among the last to leave.  So, anyway, we all met at the church and enjoyed not only a good sermon, but the singing, which was A cappella, was absolutely beautiful.

And, as usual, my dad stayed around and talked to almost everybody left in the building.  My sister and I were getting pretty sleepy by the time he decided we should go home.  Now, James had gone to sleep during the church service and was still sleeping on one of the church pews while everybody stood around and talked.

We left the building and decided to stop and get something to drink on the way home. We got to the restaurant and discovered that James was nowhere to be found.  His mom thought his dad had gotten him and put him in the backseat of the car.  That’s right; he was still on the church pew sleeping away.  His parents raced back to the church and got him.  And, the funny thing was that he was still sound asleep and never knew they had left him there.

I don’t think they ever left James at church again; and you know, he wasn’t any worse for wear over it.  He was in a safe place.

See ya next Wednesday.

Christmas Gift for my First Boyfriend

Good morning.

You know, when I was growing up, I didn’t have many boyfriends.  I was kind of quiet and shy and felt like an idiot around boys.  And, of course, my sister and I were taught that you didn’t chase boys because that made you look like a bad girl.

When I was in sixth grade though, I had my first boyfriend and he was a really sweet boy.  He had freckles like I did and was kind of shy like I was.  Whenever we went to a skating party or had ballgames at the school, we always sat together and held hands.

Well, anyway, it was getting close to Christmas and I had to get him a gift.  We also drew names in our class so I had to get a gift for that person too.  I was stewing about what I should get my boyfriend.  After all, he was my very first boyfriend.  But, my mom said not to worry, that she would find something perfect for him.

Our teacher started making plans for our class Christmas party and brought in a tree that we decorated with things we made in class, like chains made from red and green construction paper.  I think there were leftover ornaments from the year before too. For the party, everybody was to bring cookies and the punch would be furnished by our teacher.

So, my mom goes shopping for my gifts and she was so proud of what she had gotten.  She bought these little red lanterns (she got two because I had drawn another boy’s name) and just thought they were the cutest things.  Not me — I thought they were the ugliest, silliest things I had ever seen, but I didn’t tell her that.  First of all, I would have gotten slapped, but I would never have hurt my mom’s feelings by saying something mean to her.  Still, a girl wouldn’t give her boyfriend something like that for Christmas, would she?  My mom had gotten what she thought he would like.  And you know what, he really did like that little red lantern.  My mom actually knew what she was doing when she bought those lanterns.  Turns out my mom was much smarter than I thought she was.

We had a great Christmas party that year.  We had a few lessons that morning and partied the rest of the afternoon.  My boyfriend gave me a little necklace that I wore proudly.

I had other boyfriends down through the years, but you never forget your very first boyfriend, do you?

See ya next Wednesday.