Answers to Tuesday Trivia: Sanford and Son

Morning.  Well, how much did you remember about Fred Sanford?  Let’s check the answers:

Question No. 1:  Who played Fred Sanford?
Answer:  Fred G. Sanford is a fictional character portrayed by actor/comedian Redd Foxx on the 1972-1977 NBC sitcom Sanford and Son.  Foxx, whose real name was John Elroy Sanford, modeled the character after his real-life brother, whose name was also Fred Sanford. The character Fred is an elderly, widowed, sarcastic, and cantankerous junk dealer. He is the proprietor of “Sanford and Son”, a junk and antique dealership which he ran out of his home, along with his son Lamont.

Question No. 2:  Who played Lamont Sanford?
Answer:  Demond Wilson portrayed Fred Sanford’s 30-year-old son, Lamont Sanford.

Question No. 3:  Fred’s wife was deceased.  What was her name and what was he often heard saying to her?
Answer:  A running gag on the show is that whenever Lamont threatens to move out or things are not going Fred’s way, he will fake a heart attack and say something like, “You hear that, Elizabeth? I’m coming to join ya, honey!”

Question No. 4:  Who was Esther Anderson and how was she related to Fred Sanford?
Answer:  Esther Anderson is the Bible-toting sister-in-law of Fred Sanford. She is a staunchly religious Baptist who finds little use for humor and often criticizes Fred. Elizabeth was married to Fred, and Esther and the rest of the Winfield family were against the marriage from the outset. However, Esther often expressed that if anything good came out of the marriage it was her nephew, Lamont.  Esther’s usual reactions to Fred’s antics were to cringe and say, “Watch it, sucka!” Sometimes, cracking from the constant barrage of insults, she would swing her purse wildly in Fred’s direction while angrily calling him a “fish-eyed fool” or “heathen”.

Question No. 5:  Who was Fred Sanford’s best friend?
Answer:  Grady Wilson (Whitman Mayo) is Fred’s closest friend who appears regularly on the show. Grady’s catchphrase is, “Good Goobly Goop!” He utters this when something good happens or he is in a pleasant mood. Grady is Fred’s “sidekick” and often is involved in get-rich-quick schemes concocted by Fred.

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